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Wake up!

Hey to all you lovely Les fans! This is a bitchin community, and you should definitely try to keep it going :)

My story:
Got a hold of the Madrigals EP, fell in love with Howie Day. Saw him with Jump and Lizzie West...kickass.

Saw him again with Stereophonics, this time with the band. A bit disappointed with Howie this time, but oh well. Ended up ogling at "the hot guitar player with the cool shirt" the whole time....

Went to the Mishawaka Ampitheater show in Colorado last summer, which was eventually cancelled......but, lucky for us, Howie's band was just hanging around. We talked to Curtis and Les for a while...they are insanely awesome guys.
Got some pics, here's my favorite:

Les was so awesome, we talked about music and movies for a while, and I just couldn't believe what a nice guy he was.
He is someone I would be friends with if I had just met him on the street...he's rad, and I'm so glad I got to meet him.
The End!

Side note to that story.....
I ended up "quitting" (or getting fired from?) my job to be at that (cancelled) show...but it was so worth it :D
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cute pic!
Thanks love! I like your icon :)
thanks :)
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