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If you like Les Hall, then you've found the right place.

inside info: Les has been involved with many musical projects, including playing most of the instruments on Owen Beverly's new release, "The Drunk Lover EP." He played most of the keys on Howie's new album, as well as some guitar. But, don't expect to see him with an acoustic guitar in his hand while on the road. "You can't look cool playing an acoustic guitar and not singing."

les' musical background: Following in his big brother's footsteps ("I would do anything my older brother did."), Les started playing piano at age six. Many more instruments came after that, including guitar (10), drums (11), and bass (12). He wanted to be like his brother so much, that he "developed" an allergy to mayo to mimic his brother, who hated the stuff. If his brother were to tell him today that he actually likes mayo, the whole life-structure of Les Hall might very well crumble. Les also remembers that a player piano at his grandmother's was another big influence, as was a ragtime player he remembers seeing at an early age.

musical influences: Frank Zappa (spent a year or so listening to nothing else); Radiohead; Jane's Addiction; Stravinski; Danny Elfman.

what does les listen to?: An iPod packed with way to much to list.

ultimate band to open for?: radiohead.

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